Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Closet Sale

SALE*SALE*SALE*SALE*-Ok so you get the point. It is time for the closet clean out again. Please buy this stuff I am sick of it just sitting in the sewing room closet being cute with no kido. I have written a brief thing about each item. If you are interested in an item please email me and I can send you pictures. Smiles,Katie

1. Short Sleeve Onesie Letter C Fruity Girlie- Size 3-6 month.Was $22-Now $11

2. Short Sleeve Onesie Red Polka Dot Birdie-Size 0-3 month.Was$22-Now$11

3. Short Sleeve Onesie Girlie Whale -Size 0-3 month.Was $20-Now $10

4. Short Sleeve Onesie BOO!-Size 6-9 month.Was $22-Now$11

5. Short Sleeve Onesie Tie-Size 9-12 month.Was $20-Now $10

6. Short Sleeve Onesie Peace Sign Size-9-12 month.Was$28-Now $14

7. Short Sleeve T Pirate Hat Size (xs-5). Was $22-Now $11

8.Long Sleeve Elephant Boy T-Size 24 month. Was$ 24-Now $12

9. Short Sleeve Onesie Boy Whale-Size 0-3 month.Was $16-Now $8

10. Short Sleeve Onesie Letter C-Size 9-12 month. Was $16-Now $5

11. Long Sleeve Valentine Tie T-Size 24 month. Was $20-Now $15

12. Long Sleeve Onesie Valentine Tie- Size 0-3 Month. Was $20- Now $15

Friday, January 14, 2011

Valentine Orders

Love Shirt

Wear Your Heart on your Sleeve

Valentine Tie

Valentine Letter and Twirly Skirt

Name and Letter Pillowcase

If you are wanting a Valentine shirt or skirt you need to place your order in the next week to have it by the start of Feb. Here are a couple things I have been working on. Remember you can also design your own and always change up fabrics. Email orders to

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year S&G lovers!!!! Wow in 2010 is when this all came to life. We will see what 2011 has in store for Stitches and Giggles. One new change will be the pricing. I will be doing more work by machine, so I will now have a hand stitch price and a machine price for most designs. I will also be posting some new items.

Valentine's Day is on my mind! I am offering the first couple of people who want to be sample items 15% off. If you want to be a sample please email me at